The craziest hotel I’ve ever stayed in is one where you could literally see people showering from your bed (FYI those glass walls are pretty creepy, The Standard). So to discover “hotels” by tour company Natura Vive in Peru that require you to scale a 400-foot cliff in order to get to them is extremely insane.

If you’re not terrified of heights, enjoy activities that may end in your eminent death and have good climbing shoes, than Peru’s Skylodge capsules are going to be for you. All jokes aside, the translucent sky pods wedged into the Andes Mountains are really freaking cool.

Each pod is around 192 square-feet and has comfy beds, dining areas and yes, bathrooms. They start at $300 a person per night and are near the city of Cuzco. The Emperors New Grove ring any bells?

Sleeping above the Inca Empire in sky pods sounds like a pretty amazing vacation to me. Did I mention you return to the ground via a series of quite terrifying zip lines? Yes. That’s the only way to get down, folks.

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Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant for Playboy. She’s ziplined through the Mexican jungle before and it didn’t end so well. Follow her on Twitter.