Peter Jackson has already made a habit of releasing extended cuts of his films, particularly the Lord of the Rings franchise, so it’s not all that surprising that he’s prepared to re-release his Hobbit trilogy – which has already pulled in nearly $3 billion worldwide – in a new extended format. So, if you’re a big Hobbit fan, this fall is going to be really big for you.

Warner Bros. announced today that it’s planning a three-night Hobbit extended edition even this October, less than a year after the trilogy’s final release hit theaters. We still don’t know exactly how long this release will last, or how many theaters will carry it, but we do know that The Hobbit’s massive theatrical box office returns have brought us to this. We also don’t know how long the new releases will be, but if you’re a fan of Jackson’s second visit to Middle-earth, it really won’t matter.

Of course, if you don’t care to buy a movie ticket, you can always wait for the even-longer Blu-ray release, which is clearly inevitable.