Now that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has landed in theaters, the other major superhero movies of the summer are out selling their particular brands of fun. Last night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards was a grande stage for a lot of things, including new footage from both Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Wonder Woman offered bold, stirring announcement of a new movie goddess. Spider-Man was a pitch-perfect look at teen comedy wrapped in a superhero’s tights.

The scene is one we’ve glimpsed in past Homecoming trailers before but never with this much detail. It’s blissfully simple: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) sneaks into his bedroom after a night of crimefighting, only to find that his best friend Ned (Jacob Batolon) is waiting for him to help finish a massive LEGO Death Star (hello, Disney cross-branding!). What begins as a slick look at Peter getting creative with his powers in order to be as quiet as possible when entering the room quickly collapses into comedy, and it’s wonderful.

Aside from being just generally entertaining, the clip also gives us the best idea yet of this film’s personality. Sure, there have been several trailers, all fun, but none of them have been as revealing as this footage. Peter and Ned’s telling interaction says more abut this film than just about anything else that’s been released, because of the little things. Peter’s ceiling climb looks flawless but his one-handed hang from the ceiling at the end of it? That’s perfect, because in that moment he’s both a relieved teenager and a superhero strong enough to casually suspend himself from the ceiling with nothing but five fingertips. The use of his webbing to pull the door closed is an equally nice touch. Then there’s Michelle (Zendaya), another classmate of Peter’s, who shows up at the end oozing with personality and demanding a clip of her own next time around.

Most importantly, though, the whole thing delivers exactly what Homecoming needs to set Spider-Man apart from the rest of Marvel’s superhero offerings right now. Iron Man is a billionaire who can do whatever he wants. It is literally Captain America’s job to fight other superhumans. And the Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, they’re space celebrities. Spider-Man’s different. He’s not just a superhero vigilante who must keep his secret identity safe to avoid hurting the people he loves. He’s also a teenager, which means such secrets could be easily compromised by something as big as a date gone wrong or as small as a LEGO Death Star. At the very least, this movie gets that, and that’s a great first step toward nailing a Spidey adventure.

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives July 7.