What do you do when you have obligations to other people, duties to your job, or responsibilities to people like your significant other, but what you really want to do is play video games?

In publisher Activision’s ads for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you call “The Replacer”—actor Peter Stormare, of such films as Fargo and 22 Jump Street—to come take your place in your regular life while you thrash 12-year-olds online. Whether you drive an ambulance for a living or you’re Marshawn Lynch and you would rather go beastmode on some deathmatch than sit through another press conference, The Replacer has you covered. Good timing, too, since there’s a new four-map content pack available for Black Ops 3 to give players even more to do.

As far as video game ads go, the ones that feature The Replacer are pretty great. It almost makes you wish this was a real thing, although Peter Stormare’s fees are probably higher than most people can afford.