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Petite Blonde Punches Professional Boxer in the Face and Breaks Three of His Teeth

Adam Little is a professional boxer in the United Kingdom with an undefeated record inside the ring. However, against single mothers of one, he’s 0-1.

On New Year’s Eve last year, Little was at a bar when an altercation occurred in the bathroom and a man was thrown out. Little went out to tell the boxers that the ejected guy had nothing to do with the bathroom, but he was intercepted by the Kiah Kuzan, the thrown out man’s girlfriend. She began yelling at him and punched him in the face, breaking three of his teeth.

Here’s a picture of Adam Little (on the right).

The Sun

The Sun

And here’s one of Kiah Kuzan.



Yeah, she’s not that physically imposing. The Mirror also says Kuzan sent a message to Little after the incident saying, “Good Luck in your career.”

The three broken teeth cost £800 (over $1200) to fix. Little pressed charges and Kuzan was sentenced to a suspended eight-week jail sentence, given a four-week curfew and ordered to pay for his dental work.

During the court proceeding, Kuzan’s lawyer said, “She had no intention of injuring him in this way. As a professional boxer of some repute he may have had some previous damage to his teeth anyway.”

It’s true. You’d think he’d know how to take a punch.

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