There are a few things that make Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, well, PewDiePie. Things like playing video games and shrilly shrieking. Dick jokes. Calling everyone he meets “bro.” Immaculate Swedish hair.

Apparently, despite the fact that he’s a relatively famous YouTube millionaire, these facts are lost on his landlord (as is the fact that the dude literally makes millions of dollars a year—big business mistake, landlord bro). As revealed in the video above, PewDiePie is being evicted for a noise complaint, plus maybe some homophobia on the part of his landlord.

Despite spending a long time building a soundproof recording room where PewDiePie can shriek all the shrieks he can possibly shriek without disturbing anyone, PewDiePie drew the ire of his building’s owner while filming an HTC Vive video in the kitchen of his apartment. A few homophobic slurs later (which PewDiePie managed to catch on tape), an eviction notice showed up—one day before a warning letter advising him to be quieter. So that definitely all seems to be on the level.

On the plus side, given that he’s the biggest star on YouTube, it was somewhat trivial for PewDiePie to relocate to a new apartment-slash-office, albeit one he’ll have to spend a lot of time soundproofing against his own banshee wailing. The eviction seems to have renewed his convictions, in fact: PewDiePie pledged in the new digs that “So much shitty content is going to be made here.”

Godspeed, PewDiePie.

Via Kotaku