While Kanye West receives a lot of the attention and credit for reenergizing Adidas and making the brand cool again, it’s another musical artist, Pharrell Williams, who—on the low—has been responsible for much of the three stripes success.

Last year, Pharrell created a collection of 50 different Adidas Superstar sneakers in a variety of subtle color changes. The company had dubbed 2015, “The Year Of The Superstar” and placed a lot of marketing effort and dollars behind the shoe, including the Pharrell collaboration. Well, Adidas recently announced that it sold $15 million worth of Superstars in 2015. So while the Kanye’s Yeezy’s may sell out quickly and have folks willing to donate an organ for them, it’s the Superstar that helped Adidas’s bottom line.

The Superstar is just one of Pharrell’s cool collabs in recent years. And now he is working with Adidas Originals on a sneaker of his very own. In two posts on Instagram, The Voice judge revealed the first images of the Adidas Originals PW ZX333 shoe.

The image above, which was taken by the artist JR for The New York Times Magazine, and the video below are the only visuals of the sneakers so far. More detailed visuals should be available soon, but in the meantime it’s good to know that the sneakers are great for dancing in.


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