According to new data given by the European Space Agency, there is definitive evidence that the Millenium Tower in San Francisco is sinking into the ground. The satelite used by the ESA, the Sentinel-1, gathered data on American urban areas. For a long time people had noticed that the tower was leaning, however this data proves it is sinking at a rate of roughly one inch per year into the earth. Kind of crazy, right?

As one can imagine, a skyscraper sinking into the earth is not good for those leasing space in the building. A spokesman for the developer, PJ Johnston, told the Associated Press that the building was “designed and constructed to the extraordinarily high standards.”

The developers blame the displacement of ground water for the sinking on the city’s efforts to build a train station nearby. It is not yet known why the tower is sinking into the earth. Due to this, engineers have been hired to drill around the building and examine the surrounding soil for abnormalities.

Clearly this is concerning due to San Francisco’s extreme proximity to the San Andreas fault line. Some scientists say that the fault is ready to go at any moment. Buildings that exhibit signs of structural fragility, like the Millenium Tower, are particularly endangered by earthquakes.

So yeah, maybe don’t find yourself at the 58th floor of this bulding?