When Emma Watson accepted the gender neutral award for acting at Sunday’s 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, she said it “will mean something different to everyone.” If that someone is Piers Morgan, MTV’s decision to eschew traditional gender-based categories in acting means the end of the world as we know it.

The U.K. media personality was his typical blowhard self on Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, when he went off on Watson for having the gall to accept an award she won simply because he didn’t agree with its political and cultural implications.

“Gender neutral awards: just what the world was craving,” Morgan said sarcastically. “I can’t think of a better recipient than Emma Watson, a great flag-bearer of all things gender-neutral.” Morgan, who has been unabashed in his disdain for Hollywood liberals and their politics, went on to say women will now win less acting awards than men because there are more male actors than female actors, at least according to him. “So actually in trying to get equality you end up with more inequality,” he added. “It’s a masterpiece.“

Morgan explained that Watson’s win could signal the end of gender norms as a whole. “Do we need to have men and women? Shall we call you woes?” he asked his female co-host. “Woe is me. You become woes. We can’t become men obviously, we become persons. And everything becomes gender-neutral.” Morgan even suggested that Watson’s win might put an end to the British monarchy. “The Queen can’t be called the Queen anymore and we can’t call her ‘her majesty,’ so she’ll have to be ‘the majesty.’” he said, “Eventually, I’ll have to smash my head repeatedly into a brick wall. I think it’s all utterly ridiculous.”

Morgan put a surprising amount of energy into responding to MTV’s glorified popularity contest; he then started attacking Watson on Twitter and in a column in which he calls Watson “PC-crazed” and a “rabid feminist woman.“ When one Twitter user wondered why Morgan hates Watson so much, he responded with, “Never met her, or seen her movies. But her endless PC claptrap is very irritating.”

We know Morgan has embraced his role as anti-liberal, and anti-PC because it made him into a popular figurehead among the pro-Trump crowd. But his crusade against Watson is particularly creepy. Dude, all she did was accept a cup of gold popcorn at a frivolous awards show aimed at young millennials. She gave an acceptance speech about the issues that matter to her because free speech is a cornerstone of both her native country and the one where she accepted her award. The irony here is that if Morgan ever found himself at a party with Watson, the celebrity phone-hacker extraordinaire would be first in line to tell her what a fan he is of The Bling Ring.