The greatest part of being a Playboy Playmate is that Playboy finds the unique hidden talents and hobbies of each individual girl and then builds on them. And Playboy has discovered my secret: I’m a car and adrenaline junkie!

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So you can only imagine what is was like for me getting a call asking if would like to partake in Driving Excellence’s DXL SPA Nurburging Connoisseurs Tour. Before my flight was booked I was already packed and ready to experience the line-up of Ferraris which included the 458 Italia, 575 M Super America, California and the ever so sweet Scuderia.

But that was just the beginning of the experience DXL lined up. Along with the intense horsepower in each of the beautiful Ferraris, outfitted with Pirelli tires that don’t let go of the road, DXL tied the package together with scenic drives on open roads from Brussels, Belgium to the Nurburgring track in Germany.

I still can’t decide which was better: staying in a hotel directly on the Nurburgring track where I got to wake up to the sound of V8 and V12 engines opening up on the straightaway, or getting multiple hot laps in the Scuderia with a pro race car driver, Derek Hill, who happens to be the son of Phil Hill, the first and only American-born driver to win the F1 championship. Both were experiences of a lifetime!

DXL took me to historical towns like Bastogne, where after lunch we took a trip to the WWII museum to learn about the famous battles that occurred there. We also got a chance to stop in Durbuy, Belgium, where I saw a sign at the city limits which said it was the smallest city in the world. I won’t argue, because the town was so small it all fit around a 200-meter roundabout road that took you through the entire “downtown.” It was beautiful and quaint but tiny!

History was certainly a part of the DXL experience as when we returned to Brussels there was a very nice celebration unveiling the Phil Hill signature edition Raidillon chronograph. This was a beautiful time piece, and as a Formula 1 race fan, I liked the clean, simple, etched touches that marked the 50th anniversary of Phil Hills’ championship win in his number 4 Ferrari at the Belgium Grand Prix at Spa in 1961.

But the grand finale of my trip put the entire experience over the top. I got to experience a Formula 1 race with VIP accommodations to the Belgium Grand Prix at Spa. I have been fortunate enough to attend many races, but nothing came close to the experience I had at the Belgium Grand Prix! Pirelli gave me a tour of their assembly line, showing me how the tires are returned and inspected. I even learned how lightweight the drivers’ high performance tires are—check me out in the photo gallery lifting them up! Bruno Senna’s crew let me get down and dirty by teaching me how to properly wash the drivers’ wheels.

It was amazing to watch the race as close to the Eau Rouge corner, my favorite race-track turn in the world. Along with that, my most memorable moment from the entire trip was when the Lotus Renult group invited me into their garage! Getting to be up close and personal with the cars while they were being prepared for the race was so exciting for me! And this was also where I got to experience my first real French kiss… Ok well kind of… I stole a kiss from Bruno Senna’s car, which has a French engine. Close enough.

The five days had the perfect combination of fun, adrenaline, history and beautiful accommodations, and I did not want it to end. I got to meet a very fun group of people, ate my first Belgian waffle, my first time experiencing the famous pommes frites with their mayonnaise sauce (which was really just like french fries cut steak style here in the U.S.). I got to stop in historic towns, visit breath-taking architectural structures and historic monuments. I even had a tractor pull and stop for gas beside me as I was pumping gas into the Ferrari California.

I am always around cars and racing events, dirt tracks and paved tracks, and I always wish more women would partaking in these events. This trip definitely was cool for women as much as men. It was great to see couples enjoying the experience together. DXL didn’t just bring the Ferraris that men love to manhandle, they brought the Ferrari California along for the ride as well. I had so much fun enjoying the smooth ride in the California with its sbutle 458 BHP engine that purrs as you start to pick up speed. I loved cruising the in the California at a fast comfortable speed on the autobahns with the top down enjoying the scenery. That is one Ferrari that every woman would look great in.

Then again, nothing beat the adrenaline rush of hitting high speeds in a Ferrari Scuderia. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I never got to test the top speed of 202 MPH in it. But I did test every cop I zoomed past along the way in four Ferraris from Belgium to Germany and back. And despite the photo we faked with some friendly police, no tickets!

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