You know what goes great with everything? Pizza. You know what goes great with pizza? More pizza. Too long have we cursed our recyclables with pizza box after pizza box, piling up, informing our neighbors that we aren’t on some healthy streak and aren’t at all keen on following through with the Pinterest recipes we promised ourselves we’d finally tackle. But one pizzeria figured out a way to let you eat even more pizza without any trace of evidence. Behold the pizza box pizza!

This ingenuous invention that surely rivals the printing press and lightbulb automatically makes Vinnie’s Pizzeria my new favorite pizza joint, even though I live all the way in California. I just like supporting the arts, honestly.

Sure, there will be naysayers, the ones fine with the status quo, the many who will blast this blessing with a breezy shrug-wave and an appalled sneer because it isn’t “sanitary.” But I say this: Dreams are messy. Dreams take confidence. Dreams require us to go beyond our comfort zone. And I, for one, am ready to live in a world where we create less waste and more pizza, where our trash cans are nearly empty and our stomachs are almost full, with just enough room to eat one more pizza box and fall into a deep slumber, content and dreaming of more pizza.