Going into a stranger’s home is generally a bad idea. There is no recommending it unless you’re looking for a crazy experience. Reddit asked their pizza delivery driver users to tell their wildest stories which ended in a ban from the restaurant. Stumble upon more “No Delivery” list stories here.

When I worked at a pizza place, we just had one person that we wouldn’t deliver to because he would always refuse to pay and hassle the delivery guy, saying the pizza was cold, took too long, wasn’t the right order, whatever. He probably got a couple free pizzas at least before we stopped bothering sending him more.

This guy caught me in a shitty mood since I had been south of the traintracks all night and had already made over 10 runs (Usually have 2-3 delivers a run at this store) that night without a single tip. As he started cussing me out I politely asked him if he would like the pizza or not. He said yes, but he wanted it for free. I said something along the lines of OK, you can have it for free. I pulled it out of the bag, opened the box and just flipped it face down right on the ground and walked away. That was seriously one of the BEST feelings of my life.

I got back to the store and the shift manager pulled me into his office and asked what happened because the dude obviously called him after this whole situation. I told him what happened, other delivery drivers confirmed they had the same experience of this guy being a total ass. The shift manager relayed all the info to the GM who relayed it to the DM. They banned the guy and I didn’t get reprimanded at all.

We had a guy and two girls order separately, then grab the pizzas and run. The girls had picked the food up and left, while the guy was paying. After 30 seconds the guy bolted.

It was a $100 order. My manager, who is a frequent gym goer, leapt the counter and gave chase.

The two girls had gotten into a car with the food, but when they saw my manager they drove off leaving the guy. My manager chased him three blocks, and was gaining on the guy when the girls pulled up and the guy got into the car.

Unfortunately, all three of them went to school with a kitchen hand at the store, so we had names, jobs, addresses, and facebook accounts. We contacted them all on facebook, and got them to pay for the pizzas the next morning under threat of contacting police. We also put them on the no delivery list.

At our shop we banned an older man who tried to molest one of our larger male employees. Another guy just happened to be masturbating facing the window so the drivers could see him this happened a couple times so the cops were called… turned out he had a record of doing this but also doing it in front of school buses.

I worked at a Little Caesars when I was a teenager. On a really snowy night one of our drivers got into a car accident and sadly lost his life on his way to deliver the pizza.

The customer called in a little while after we learned about the accident and absolutely lost his shit that his pizza hadn’t been delivered. When the manager explained the situation, he stated he did not give a fuck and wanted his pizza delivered for free.

Needless to say, he got an earful from my manager and then was put onto a no-serve list.

Apparently our entire complex is on the “do not deliver after dark” list at a local pizza place. That was encouraging to find out a week after moving in.

Okay - we had a really nasty apartment complex in one area of Sacramento. Totally a no. One night a new guy took an order and actually accepted one from there. I was about to call back and say no (I was asst. manager at the time, but running pizzas that day), when in come two cops to pick up their pizza. They listen in and offer to ‘tag along.’ I was dumb and crazy then, so we made the pizza and I loaded into my little truck and drove out there. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, the cop turns off ALL his lights and coasts in to the spot next to mine. I walk up, start the spiel, and start listening to their story of 'this guy’ or 'that guy’ ordered it. I started to walk away and one of the shady dudes steps out of the bushes next to me, where he’d been hiding. Instantly, every light came on on the cop car, flashers, both spotlights pointing right at me, the cops getting out of the car - fast. Dude steps way way way back, I walk back to my car, and a couple cops got an extra free pizza that night, and I got a great story.

I used to be a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. I used to work the Sunday afternoon shifts and would have the same man order a supreme pizza every week. I was always the one to deliver his order because most of the time I was the only driver on duty at that time of day. Alan was a nice, quiet man who had a lovely front porch. One day, I didn’t take his delivery for some reason. Poor Marvon took the delivery instead on the day that Alan decides to open the door stark naked. Alan wanted to show me (a small redheaded girl) the goods, not big black Marvon. Alan never got another delivery.

There was an older man who suffered from dementia that would order four fountain drinks and nothing else from my shop, then would tip about $300 every time. After hearing about it a couple times, I told my manager, and we all agreed to get in contact with his family, let them know we wouldn’t take orders from him, and that they’d have to take some measures to keep him from doing the same with other establishments. God only knows how much money that guy gave away.