Super Bowl Sunday is a glorious day for mouths across the country. It’s just one radical item after another, from store-bought chex mix in a basket with someone claiming they made it to the layered dip that, despite nearing double digits, doesn’t seem to have enough layers. But if you’re feeling really wild this year, you’re going to call Pizza Hut (which is a sentence I never thought I’d write).

It turns out that if you order the Golden Garlic Knots Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday, there’s a chance you could be one of 50 people who score an actual gold-encrusted pizza. It’s more than $100 worth of 24-karat gold, because it’s always gimmick over flavor with that crew, I guess.

But the limited-edition pie doesn’t mean you win the chance to tour the factory, which would likely be led by some unhappily married stiff named Steve or Bill or Todd (who relocated to Karachi, Pakistan, because he couldn’t come up with a reason not to), with him just lazily raising his arm when he, dull and dead-eyed, mutters, “And this is where the magic happens.”

Really, though, the most shocking part of this story is that Pizza Hut somehow made their food more inedible.

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