Four hours into a meeting at Pizza Hut’s corporate headquarters in Dallas, the executive in charge of New Pizza Development looks at all the ideas scribbled on the whiteboard and sighs. It’s a Friday. He really wants to get home to his kids. Head in his hands, he looks to his subordinate and says “F*ck it, Dale, let’s just go on and make that hot dog stuffed crust pizza the Internet is always joking about.”

OK, it probably didn’t go down that way, but the end result is the same. Pizza Hut officially confirmed the existence of a hot dog stuffed crust pizza today on Twitter, adding that you’ll soon be able to order it for laughs and then later, for reals, by this time next week.

The Internet has been buzzing about hot dog stuffed crusts ever since the chain made similar offerings available in the U.K., China, and Canada. An Australian version even came with a thin line of mustard and ketchup around the rim.

The U.S. version will retail for $11.99 and come with a ring of “hot dog bites” wrapped like pigs in a blanket and a side of dipping mustard. For now, the hot dog pizza is listed as a “limited time offering,” but we all know that if it’s insanely popular they’ll keep it on the menu forever.

Here’s to looking forward to writing this same story over and over again in the coming years with hamburgers, tacos, buffalo wings and whatever else they serve at bowling alleys that can fit inside a crust.