A new digital menu at Pizza Hut can guess with 98 percent accuracy what kind of pizza you’d like to order, without you having to say a word.

The computerized Subconscious Menu, which is still only in trials, displays icons of 20 toppings such as pepperoni and olives on a screen. Then a hungry but indecisive customer such as yourself looks over the icons. Eye-tracking software records which ingredients you lingered on the longest and within 2.5 seconds, an algorithm uses that information to suggest a perfect topping combo out of 4,896 possible options.

Pizza Hut reps tell the Telegraph that the e-menu has been 98 percent right so far and it could be rolled out across branches in the future. Our question is: Are there really that many people who don’t know what they like to eat on their pizza?

The menu’s creator, Swedish tech firm Tobii Technology, explains more about how it works:

(via The Telegraph)

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