The Kardashians and plastic surgery go together like coffee and cream. It’s not exactly a revelation to know the Kardashians – or anyone in Hollywood, for that matter – have received nips or tucks here and there to better their appearances; we’ve just never had this sort of information confirmed, as the Kardashians are unanimously mum on the subject.

But who can blame them? Under the Hollywood’s unforgiving microscope, the Kardashians in particular are under inconceivable amounts of scrutiny based on their appearances (much of it by their own doing) and there is little doubt these comments do affect their self-esteem on deep levels, no matter how much support they receive from fans, friends and family.

It also goes without saying their appearances fuel these ladies’ collective and individual brands. So what’s a gal to do? If they fess up to the plastic surgery, they’re deemed fake. If they don’t, they’re liars. Either way, they lose.

Perhaps none are currently under as much scrutiny regarding dalliances with the doctor as Miss Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, who’s long been suspected of plastic surgery since her lips suddenly appeared unnaturally plumper back in 2015, the result of a procedure she did eventually cop to.

When it comes to matters of the booty, Kylie’s been much quieter on the rather apparent subject. Since Kylie herself won’t divulge anything, others have. Namely, two plastic surgeons who recently spoke to Hollywood Life about Kylie’s possible procedures.

First, we’re presented with information from Dr. Bruce Katz, clinical professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and director of Juva Skin & Laser Center, who’s clearly being very careful about his statements to the site.

“Kylie has what we usually call a pear shape deformity, meaning her lower body is much bigger than the top of her body. It’s not uncommon. Many women try to get lipo on their butt to make it smaller. Or they get breast implants to make it more proportional.” Gee, thanks, Doc.

Although Katz admits he didn’t see much of a difference in Kylie’s posterior between 2015 and 2017 (really, dude?), he suggests she may have gotten liposuction on her waist to accentuate her butt. “She probably did have lipo in her stomach because there is more of a bulge in her waist in 2015 compared to October 2016.”

We’re then given an honorable second opinion from plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back, who’s a tad more accusatory of Kylie’s sudden change of appearance. “The development of full, round and shapely buttocks is a byproduct of feminine maturation – but to a significantly much less degree than are genetic influences such as heredity and race. A calorie-rich diet and major weight gain would also play a big role – but that would create weight gain everywhere,” Dr. Back said.

“So essentially none of these possible factors are in support of Kylie’s current buttock shape and size by any ‘natural means.‘” Dr. Back then suggests Kylie’s exercise regimen is not a feasible factor for those impeccable glutes, either. “I highly doubt Kylie is spending any time in the gym. Even if so, no amount of squats would create what she has now.”

As for the possibility of fat injections, Dr. Back says, “To have a fat injection procedure to create fuller, rounder buttocks – Brazilian butt lift-style – requires that one have a very healthy volume of ‘donor’ body fat somewhere that can be removed by liposuction and then transferred. I have never seen a photo of Kylie where she looked like she had more than a single fat cell or two on any given body area!”

So that leaves us with one thing and one thing only: butt implants. “Yes. All the science and all the signs point to silicone buttock implants as the most likely secret to her newly enhanced posterior,” Dr. Back said. “But it was magnificent work by a real artist; the aesthetic lines, shapes, shadows – all flawless; gorgeous. Even the size, although somewhat disproportionate to her waist and upper body, is not grossly disproportionate, and after all, you don’t get something like this done to be ‘perfectly proportionate’!”

So there you have it, folks: A studied answer to an otherwise obvious question. Regardless of its authenticity, we agree with Back when he says the work done on Kylie is magnificent. Keep doing you, girl.