I am unable to maintain an erection with a condom on. I wonder whether this is unusual and if it could be psychological. Have you heard of this, and is there a solution?P.F., Traverse City, Michigan

By no means are you alone. Many men experience erectile difficulties as a result of condoms (in one study, up to 32 percent of men surveyed). Problems can be caused by reduced stimulation, breakage or losing an erection while putting on the condom. It doesn’t take much thought to arrive at why this might be: The condom pause is a buzzkill of the highest order. You go from foreplay to that magic moment, only to struggle with tearing open a foil packet, positioning and unfurling it correctly—and then back to a now less-than-magic moment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get better at the transition. This is going to sound a little ridiculous, but you should practice putting on a condom while masturbating, then practice finding pleasure with the condom on. The more comfortable you are with this and the more accustomed you are to the sensations, the better you will become at staying hard. Another issue could be condom size. If your condom is too tight, it might be cutting off the blood flow to your penis, making it physically harder for you to stay hard. Try going up a size.

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