When I go out on first dates I habitually bring a condom, which I keep in my small pocket, a.k.a. watch pocket, just in case things get hot and heavy. This way I know we will have protection if we need it. I’ve always thought this was a good idea—and it has definitely come in handy—but I also always worry about the reaction I might get if my date discovers the condom early in the night, while we’re still getting to know each other. What is the Advisor’s view on this type of etiquette?A.C., Los Angeles, California

As far as we’re concerned the watch pocket (or coin pocket) should just be renamed the condom pocket, because its dimensions are remarkably suited to standard prophylactic-packet measurements. Hats off to you for being so dedicated to safe sex. Yes, it would look mighty tacky if the condom package were to slip out of your pocket and into the popcorn bucket at the movie theater or onto the dinner table while you were paying the bill. If that happens, come clean, laugh it off and get on with the night without apology. We think any good woman will look at you as an evolved and responsible man rather than as a creep.

This question is from the May 2015 issue of Playboy. To read the rest of this Advisor column, click here.

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