Question: I found my dad on a dating site for people into bondage, group sex and domination. If he were single, I would be more forgiving, but he’s still married to my mom. I want to bust him but am unsure how to proceed. Is there a delicate way to handle this without my mother getting hurt? Is there a way to catch my dad in the act that won’t end their marriage? I’ve suspected this for years but now have evidence.—J.R., Winter Park, Florida

Answer: Evidence of what? We understand your disappointment, but for all you know, your mother is aware of the ads and your father’s taste for adventure and perhaps even enjoys the lifestyle herself. Even if that’s not the case, the fact that you’ve been suspicious for years likely means she already knows. If it makes you feel better, tell your dad what you’ve seen. You don’t know enough to accuse him of cheating—only that he advertises on the same kinky site you visit. Maybe it offers a family discount.

Question: My father is a longtime Jack Daniel’s drinker, and I thought a barrel of it would be a great gift for him. Is it possible to buy a barrel, and how much would it cost?—J.D., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Answer: You can buy a barrel, though only of the aptly named Single Barrel. (No. 7 and other varieties are blended from the contents of multiple barrels.) It will cost you about $10,000. Phone Jack Daniel’s at 888-551-5225 to inquire. Each barrel yields about 240 bottles. You can visit the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee to select your own, or ask the master distiller to decide. About eight weeks later, when the barrel is ready, its contents will be bottled and the bottles and empty barrel shipped to a retailer near you for pickup.