I’m sure your response will be “Man the fuck up,” but I’m conflicted. I fell in love with my girlfriend three months ago and have been telling the world. Quite often I get responses from friends and acquaintances about the night they fucked her. This has happened at least 15 times! It bothers me to realize she was essentially “legs open”—and some of these dudes, wow. She admits it when asked and I have no fear of her cheating. She is one of the best-looking girls around, so I assume these guys are validating their existence with the memory of the one night she was drunk enough to sleep with them. How do I keep dating her, knowing nearly every bloke in town took her for a ride?–A.W. Pasadena, California

A woman who likes sex and isn’t ashamed to say so? What’s a guy to do? Your friends are being assholes—unless you have confirmed every claim (we hope not), they may be messing with you, or they may believe you’re headed for a fall and hope to temper your expectations. The next time someone tries to goad you, shrug and say, “Lucky you. She hadn’t mentioned it.”

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