My wife likes to let her pubic hair grow, and I’m not a big fan. She loves to receive oral sex, but I refuse to give her cunnilingus when she has a full bush. She lets me shave it—reluctantly—but claims it burns and itches afterward. She says she doesn’t like the feeling of being bald. I shave her pubic hair with the same shaving cream and razor I use on my face because I find it arousing. What can I do to make her feel better post-shaving so she doesn’t resent the loss of her pubic hair?P.M., Madison, Wisconsin

You shouldn’t ask her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable or resentful. If she doesn’t like the feeling of hairlessness, you should respect that. But there’s a middle ground awaiting you that doesn’t involve shaving, baldness or a full bush. It could be time for you both to dive into the Bermuda Triangle. Smaller than a 1970s-style bush but not as radical as a full Brazilian, it’s a neat triangular shape you can maintain with an electric trimmer on a low guard setting. The style tames a wild bush and lets you breathe a little easier down below. If your wife is comfortable with it, she could get her bikini line (the sides of her bush) waxed, which is less likely to produce ingrown hairs. Since it sounds as though she’s sensitive, waxing is one of those don’t-try-this-at-home projects. She should definitely go to a salon—your treat.

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