I often get very wet while having sex, which for a woman is awesome because I’ve never had to use lubricants. Unfortunately, my significant other has been complaining that he is unable to climax because I’m too slippery down there. I’m also confident that my girl parts are tight. Although I cannot control how wet I get, I wipe myself as much as possible during the act. Is there anything else I can do to help him climax? Is this a typical male complaint?L.D., Indianapolis, Indiana

You’re not the first person to reach out to us on this matter, but women who have the opposite condition outnumber you by far. That said, some women produce more fluid at various points during their menstrual cycle. Pay attention to the calendar to see if there’s a pattern, and then take advantage of the low-flow days. You might also want to try gripping your boyfriend’s cock with your thumb and first two fingers for added friction at the entrance of your vagina. Think of this as a sort of drier, tighter vaginal extension. It could take some practice to get just right, but with patience the added pressure of your fingers will stimulate him to the point of climax.

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