*Question: *When my husband and I go to strip clubs, I allow him to get lap dances as long as he doesn’t touch the women. During our last visit, he felt the breasts and butts of three strippers. I didn’t follow him when he went to get the dances, though I realize now that I should have. He says he will do whatever it takes to win back my trust, but I don’t even want him to touch me. How do we get past this?—T.S., Austin, Texas

Answer: Your husband screwed up, but you are overreacting. He should have known better than to agree to these challenging conditions, but he’s hardly the first guy to ­overestimate his power to resist the female form. In this case, accept his apology and save your outrage for more serious transgressions.

*Question: *About every third time I have sex with my girlfriend, I fantasize that she is a whore who travels with a band so everyone can fuck her. Other times the reality of being with her is enough. Healthy or unhealthy?—J.M., Glendale, Arizona

*****Answer:***The fantasy is harmless. What’s unhealthy is not sharing it with your girlfriend, ­especially since she has the starring role. She probably has a few fantasies of her own—you may well be servicing the Supremes. We can’t guarantee her response; we’re only saying it’s healthy for partners to be able to share what turns them on without a lot of gnashing of teeth and bedside psychoanalysis. Both genders have an instinct for sexual adventure, and if you’re committed to monogamy, the adventure must be invented.

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