A good friend of mine was recently in a terrible accident that he barely survived. I’ve been visiting him in the hospital every week and have come to realize that I find just about every decent-looking nurse incredibly sexy. They’re no hotter than women outside the hospital, and they wear chunky athletic shoes and baggy clothes, but there’s just something about them and about being in that environment that makes me hornier than usual. Don’t worry; I’m not going to hit on the nurses, but I am curious about your opinion. What’s your take on this?D.A., Tacoma, Washington

Your situation sounds different from the standard sexy-nurse cliché that thrives in certain porn subgenres and proliferates around Halloween. Maybe it’s the baggy clothing that makes the nurses all the more tantalizing to you, like a sort of sartorial chastity belt in scrubs form. Or perhaps it has something to do with the fact that nurses take care of people in a somewhat motherly way that Freud would probably say you find arousing. But our leading theory is that, given your friend’s circumstances, your reaction is really about your fear of death. We think that on some primitive level you’re responding to a situation in which your friend nearly died, which probably makes you viscerally aware of your own mortality. The primitive, evolutionary reaction to being threatened with death is to procreate, so you’re seeing all these nurturing, fertile women as potential mates who could help you propagate the species and thereby give you eternal life—or at least pass along your DNA. Then again, maybe the nurses are just sexy.

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