After losing 50 pounds through dieting and running, I was delighted to find I had gained size in my penis. However, my girlfriend now says I’m too big for her. She claims it hurts when we have sex. Is there any way she can adapt to my new size? And what can I do to help her?—M.H., Mount Morris, Michigan

While exercise and a better diet could help your circulation, which could lead to more rigid erections, it’s highly unlikely you gained width or length. What’s more likely is that you lost belly and groin fat that had been acting as a sort of sex bumper, preventing you from putting your entire penis inside your girlfriend. Keep your thrusts from going all the way to the hilt and experiment with positions that let her determine how deep you go. Modified missionary, with her legs together, can keep you from going too deep, as can having her straddle you on a chair.

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