I’m a 40-year-old man who has never been married. I work out regularly, practice good hygiene and make good money as an attorney. Prior to meeting my current girlfriend, I dated girls I’d met on Match.com and at my local gym. I was amazed at the carefree attitude they had about condoms. They never insisted that I wear one and, as a matter of fact, never even brought the subject up. The girl I’m with now asked “Shouldn’t you wear a condom?” the first time—and after I told her I was fixed, she was okay with my going in bareback. I’m curious if this is a new trend. Aren’t women concerned about getting pregnant or catching sexually transmitted diseases? I’m sure I would be.F.L., Sherman Oaks, California

You should be concerned. And you should also take responsibility for your side of the equation and insist on wearing a condom whenever you are with a new date. Unfortunately, the cavalier attitude you describe isn’t a new trend, nor is it limited to your age group. According to a recent study, only 60 percent of teenagers report using condoms, and scarily, it turns out they’re practicing safer sex than adults do. The same study showed that condom use actually declines with age. So as you make your way in life and the dating world, please do your part to help reverse that trend.

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