February 14th has a habit of putting relationships in a constrained box. And more obviously, it often has this shitty tendancy to make those of us that are single feel lonely AF.

But, important PSA: being single and being content about the relationship you have with yourself is just as cool as having a SO on Valentine’s Day.

You know what’s also pretty cool? Music. Especially tracks that make you want to dance all over your apartment solo with your pet and a bottle of wine. Because let’s be honest, music makes everything better.

From Bey to Prince, here’s 20 songs that make being single on V-day pretty damn tight.

Baby I’m a Star" by Prince

Prince is a god of sex, but ultimately he is a true God of self-confidence. You are a star, never forget that. Although Prince had a great many partners, he was a truly self-reliant person who chose to forge his own path. The reason he is such a sexual icon was because of his unshakeable commitment to his own path. You might not have all the money, but if you are rich on personality, there is a chance love could come your way. Regardless, you are going to be alright, because you are a star. Stars don’t need anything or anybody else to shine bright.

“Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

This is the quintessential track about going down the road on your own. Although likely having nothing to do with love at all, it functions unintentionally as the best possible moving on song. The triumphant cheesiness will propel you to navigate the lonely path with confidence and energy. Listen to this if you need a boost.

“You Don’t Own Me” by Grace and G-Eazy

With a vocal range somewhere between Joss Stone’s and Duffy’s, Australian singer Grace produced a powerhouse cover of Lesley Gore’s 1963 feminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me” in 2015 that hits all the right fuck you notes of empowerment and independence. Last successfully covered by Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler in the The First Wives Club as the theme song of divorce, Grace’s retelling, featuring infectuous licks by G-Eazy, is a modernized must for any anti-Valentine playlist—as well as for every Women’s March through 2020.

“While You Fade Away” by The Happy Fits

Sometimes you just need a song about heartbreak that has catchy lyrics and will make you want to dance instead of take out your feelings with food. The perfect blend of indie and light alternative rock, this track that put The Happy Fits on the map is what 2017 needs right now.

“Hollywood” by RAC

“Cause you’re Hollywood, you never should / We never talk anymore / With your high heels on / You kill the sun, I’m not your friend anymore,” croons André Allen Anjos of RAC on the track “Hollywood.” The indie-electronic track is kind of our anthem for moving past the losers who thought they were too cool for us.

“Aqua Profunda!” by Courtney Barnett

Known for her witty lyrics and deadpan singing style, singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett is an Australian girl boss. All of her songs are based on a true story, and Barnett’s “Aqua Profonda!” is about this one time she was checking out a swimmer under the Aqua Profonda sign at the Fitzroy pool. Who doesn’t like thinking about attractive swimmers in the summer in the dead of winter?

“Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol

If ’80s megahunk and fingerless-glove enthusiast Billy Idol can dance with himself, so can we all. Shake your fist, curl your lip and don’t worry too much about what “Well I wait so long for my love vibration” means.

“Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

This is pretty self-explanatory.

“Back Up” by Dej Loaf and Big Sean

Dej Loaf is cool AF, and so is Big Sean, and this song is a testament to being so cool you have to tell people who like you too much to back off because they are too up in your grill. Goals.

“You’re Not Good Enough” by Blood Orange

Also self-explanatory…

“Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson

It’s been clinically proven that if you listen to “Pretty Girl Rock” your day will improve by 150 percent..

"Never Be Like You” by Flume and Kai

The beautiful sounds of Flume and Kai will make you forget about not having a SO.

“Oops (Oh My)” By Tweet and Missy Elliott

With all due respect to the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself,” we struggle to imagine another pop song that so triumphantly elevates the act of self-love to the art of self-seduction. With lines like “I looked over to the left / A reflection of myself / That’s why I couldn’t catch my breath,” it’s an indispensable, smoldering pep-talk to singles everywhere.

“Sex With Me” by Rihanna

This song will make you feel sexy AF. So, if you’re into that, this is what you need.

“No Scrubs” by TLC

“No Scrubs” is basically a PSA, and the video should be mandatory to watch in schools. cc: Betsy DeVos.

“Bitch” by Meredith Brooks

Did you just go through a breakup? Yeah, me neither. Whatever feels you got going on Meredith Brooks makes you want to shout and invite those feelings in.

“Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill

Shoutout to the ‘90s for blessing us with this punk rock anthem. Forgot about being single, these lyrics will inspire you to lead a revolution. Or maybe it’ll just motivate you to get out of bed. Baby steps.

“My Way” by Calvin Harris

This song is 100 percent most likely about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ breaking up, but don’t let that distract you from the sort of catchy lyrics and tropical beat. And no matter what the die hard EDM blogs say, Harris will always be efortlessly cool.

“Magnets” by Disclosure and Lorde

Pure sexy magic is going to happen when you combine the musical powers of Disclosure and Lorde. You’re welcome.

“You Know You Like It” by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge

This mashup by DJ Snake and our crush AlunaGeorge is both sexy and chill. Who wouldn’t want to be described as sexy and chill? P.S. if you haven’t experienced George’s voice, you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere.

Listen to the full playlist here