Originally eaten by the Phoenicians, -Romans and Persians to improve endurance and strength, caviar quickly became the preferred food of Russian czars before spreading worldwide as a delicacy of royalty. Today, Petrossian caviar is the Rolls-Royce of fish eggs, and with the brand’s guidance, we put together this rundown of the types of caviar you can choose to throw your own over-the-top dinner party with confidence.

Briny, dry and strong, American hackleback fish roe adds a unique punch to dishes with other distinct ingredients and flavors. This is why Dotolo chose it for a pizza topped with red onion, nori, chili oil and other ingredients.

These top-of-the-line caviars are profoundly smooth and rich—so much so that our chefs serve them in desserts (going so far as to swap them for the salt on a salted caramel) and straight off the backs of guests’ hands. They come at a price, but it’s worth it to taste the ultimate in briny-sweet decadence.

Fresh and juicy with fruit and nut tones, osetra caviar is extremely versatile and stands up perfectly in dishes whose base contains mild ingredients such as scrambled eggs or sushi rice.

This caviar is for those who want a real smack in the palate from the sea. Small, intensely flavored beads greatly enhance mild seafood dishes.

Silky smooth Siberian caviar’s melt-in-your-mouth texture is the perfect partner for meat, champagne and Shook’s favorite, vodka.

For these caviars and more, go to petrossian.com.