Veronica Vain was a Wall Street intern until last month, when she left the world of finance to pursue a career in porn.

The 23-year-old Fordham grad—whose real name is Paige Jennings—offered this explanation for her decision on Twitter: “I just left a job on Wall Street for a porn career because I can’t stop masturbating at work and love cumshots.”

That’s never stopped some guys on Wall Street, but we get it.

Vain put in her two weeks’ notice but was fired before fulfilling it because her bosses caught wind of the nude pictures she’d taken in an office restroom and posted to Twitter.

Vain’s story went viral, and she quickly inked a six-figure deal with, an online service that facilitates “mutually beneficial arrangements.” Which essentially means that women can use the site to try and find sugar daddies and vice-versa.

Part of the agreement was that Vain would film her first professional scene to debut on Arrangement Finders. She filmed “Screwing Wall Street” on February 1, and you can find it on the site starting Friday the 13th. caught up with Vain while she was in Los Angeles and discussed her career change, how she doesn’t consider porn work and the mutually beneficial relationship between women and sugar daddies.

She also hooked us up with exclusive images from “Screwing Wall Street.”

Why did you ultimately decide to make the jump from finance to porn? That’s kind of a rare career change.
Ultimately, it was a really personal decision. I didn’t do it for money or fame or any of those sort of things. I didn’t like the corporate world—I had issues with the bureaucracy and structure, and I’m not a person who fits into boxes very well. I started researching other industries to work in, in which I could apply my (business) degree, and adult was one of them. I found it’s an interesting industry in that, unlike how movies and music have evolved, porn really hasn’t. I was interested at first in the business side, so I started actually looking for jobs in porn. In my research I came across “The Sex Factor”, and it seemed like a really interesting opportunity. I was already thinking, ‘I really like sex! It’s really one of my strong points!’ So I just kind of applied to it on a whim, just to see if I actually really wanted to be a porn star or a porn analyst. They called me in three hours. The next day I was Skyping with the producers, and then the next day I had my Twitter account, and by that Friday I was fired.

You were fired from your internship after they found out about pictures of you that you took in the office restroom on Twitter, right?
Yes. I had already quit and put in my notice, but then they fired me when they found out about the pictures. And I’m still not really sure how that happened—how they found them.

Did you end up doing “The Sex Factor,” or did you forego that once you got a lot of publicity? I did appear on “The Sex Factor,” but not in a sex scene. They’re still filiming so nobody has seen that yet, and I’m not sure when it’ll come out.

You shot your first scene, “Screwing Wall Street,” recently. What was it like?
Really fun. It was definitely like ‘OK, I made the right choice. This works for me.’ It’s still work. The days are long. Most people think that you just show up for an hour, put on some makeup and then have sex, but there’s so much more to it. And, to me, that’s what you’re getting paid for. I really wouldn’t charge the porn guys to have sex with me, and that’s because I don’t consider that work. To me, the sex is the easy part of the day and the fun part. The rest of it is, like, shooting dialogue and doing makeup and changing outfits and deciding outfits and taking photos and contorting yourself in weird positions so you look good in the photos and saying the same lines 10 different times. It’s very much like making a movie, really. And while that is work, it’s still significantly more fun and laid back than the corporate world was. You get to have fun and laugh while you’re working.

I’ve wondered what goes into making a scene that I end up spending like 30 seconds, shall we say, enjoying. How long was your first shoot?
I got there at 9 AM and didn’t leave until about 9 PM. But it’s not so draining. If you work 12 hours in finance you’re sitting at a desk and you’re staring at a computer screen for that period of time. In porn, you’re active and moving around and hanging out with the crew, and you’re wearing a lot of makeup and looking really hot and people are rubbing you down with oil.

Have you noticed any similarities that porn and finance share?
The only similarity, and this is something that’s obvious, is just getting along with people. You still have to, to a certain extent, be cooperative and sort of play the game a little. But other than that, there are really no similarities. Completely different structure, completely different worlds. I mean, we’re talking about like, ‘OK, how can I best prepare to put this glass dildo inside of me?’ versus, ‘Build this spreadsheet and make it five different times because I don’t know how I want it yet, but I want to use you to do it.’

I know your decision wasn’t a financial decision, but do you think you’ll end up making more in porn than you would have on Wall Street?
In finance, I wouldn’t have started making any real money for at least five years. I’ll definitely make more this year than I would’ve in finance. In the long run—and I’m here for longevity, not fast money—you can build a great brand and make a lot of money. But it’s an interesting question. As a porn star, do I expect to make as much as I made on the street in 10 years? Perhaps not, but working in the adult industry, I think I’ll make more.

So you do plan on making this your career? You’re going to keep working in the industry, whether you’re performing on camera or not?
Absolutely. I have a passion for the industry, and there’s not a ton of people in it who are super well-qualified for doing business. That’s not to say they’re bad business people, but it’s not like you get a lot of people with Wall Street experience in the porn industry. That’s what we finance people like to call an inefficient market [laughs]. And the most money that’s been made in history has been made in inefficient markets. There’s a ton of new technology, new ways to get the content out to people in addition to your more traditional tube sites. Product placement in porn could, I think, be huge. There’s just a lot of interesting things that can be done in the industry, and I think that’s ultimately what I’ll end up spending most of my life in. I just want to be a porn star for a good decade or so.

You had a lot of offers for your first scene. You went with Why’d you decide to sign on with it instead of a big porn company?
Well, it’s a sugar daddy kind of website, and I have experience in that world. I was a stripper for four years, and I met a lot of successful men and had interesting arrangements. Not prostitution! OK, first of all, everything between a man and a woman is like borderline prostitution, in my view. The format of the site sort of simplifies things. It’s for the guy who doesn’t have a lot of time, who wants to have a sort of girlfriend but he can’t commit to the full-fledged attention where it’s like “I’ll text you every morning and make you feel special” kind of shit because he just doesn’t have time, and it’s too much stress. But he wants to take care of her, and then there are girls who are in their 20s who are tired of dating the guys in their age groups because they’re losers, and they’re fucking lame, and they won’t call the next day even though you had great sex. An arrangement is really sort of mutually beneficial, and it really makes sense to both parties, and I’m a big advocate for that. I have experience with the lifestyle, I enjoy the lifestyle, I’ve had good things come out of the lifestyle, and I don’t think it needs to be stigmatized in any way. Arrangement Finders is a great place to go to find that.

Your Twitter account was what ultimately spurred your shockingly quick career trajectory. How important is it, as a porn star, to be active on social media and to build a personal brand?
It’s incredibly important. Social media made me Veronica Vain, right? I wouldn’t be shooting scenes without it. Do you have to respond to every fan email and give special treatment to everyone? You’ve got to be interesting and have interesting things to say. Of course I have to be good at sex, and that’s the hugest part of my brand. It comes down to - do they like how I look, and do they like how I fuck?

In the past few months, I’ve written a lot about porn stars doing things outside the actual porn world. People like you, Belle Knox, Mia Khalifa and Kendra Sunderland are making names for yourselves in pop culture. How do you think being known outside of the adult industry will affect your career?
It can only help it. It drives mainstream traffic. The reason there was this big sort of, war, I guess, to get my first scene is that I can drive non-porn-related traffic, if that makes sense. Sites have their top viewership, their millions of people who go to that site to watch the porn they like. Everyone has their go-to porn site, unless you’re a real connoisseur like my boyfriend or something. But what me, and Mia, and Belle bring is the opportunity to bring that curious traffic - those people who would NEVER have gone to those sites on their own, but they’re going to go there to see me. So that’s how it really does help out a lot. And a big goal I think a lot of people have is that porn really can be more mainstream. You know, HBO basically is porn. All they do is shut out the genitalia. There’s an interesting niche that hasn’t been filled in yet which is what’s between porn and HBO—what can you do in that spot? There is a demand for that, to watch more fleshed out pornography that’s more artistic and more interesting and more mentally exciting. People are over fast-forwarding to the juicy scene, I think.

Yeah I love a story line. Makes it more realistic.
And I like a good story line! Not like a cheesy, nurse/patient storyline. And I think my first movie has that in it. It’s definitely not high budget, because it’s porn still, but it has an interesting storyline to it with real financial stuff going on and the first ever non-porn product placement in a pornography film. And I think that’s really the first step toward kind of pushing porn along a more mainstream route.

You mentioned your boyfriend. I’ve read that he’s supportive of you. What was the conversation like when you told him you were going to try and get into the adult industry?
It wasn’t actually one conversation. It was an accumulation of many conversations. I started researching this probably in October of last year, and at first it was like ‘Wouldn’t it be hot if…’ and he was like ‘Oh yeah, it’d be so hot, babe.’ And then I found “Sex Factor,” and he told me I should do it, to go ahead and have fun. I think at first he was like most people in that he didn’t really know what actually goes into filming a 30-minute scene. He didn’t really consider all the ramifications, which aren’t even me having sex with other guys. He’s literally been there before and participated in me having sex with him and other men. That wasn’t the problem. It was really just the shock of it all. Neither of us expected things to end up how they did. I was really just applying to “Sex Factor” to kind of get my feet wet, and then a week later, I was huge. And along with that came, well, I’ve been gone now for about a month. So that’s been hard. I think he just didn’t realize how much work and travel it was going to be. But it’s working. Things are slowing down, and now I won’t be making any more movies until May at the earliest.

So you want to be in the industry for the long haul. What’s next?
I want to keep performing. I have the personality for it, and it’s really fun and interesting and adventurous. I don’t see myself stopping. However, a lot of girls when they get into porn they let themselves get booked and people book the hell out of them when they’re new, and then they see a slowdown after they get used to the lifestyle from when they were performing as much as they were. That’s not going to be me. You’re not going to see me in like 50 scenes this year. It’s not going to be a lot of content. It will be over time, just not immediately. I’ll be involved a lot in photo shoots and the business side, and there will be a lot of interesting things coming out of me, but it won’t necessarily be with a dick inside me at the same time.