Hey, guys, it’s Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton here with a roundup you may not have seen before: Playboy Playmates, models and celebrities who have appeared in video games.

Jenny McCarthy hasn’t stopped since she won the Playmate of the Year title back in 1994. From putting out books to hosting a ton of shows, I’ve got nothing but love for this Playmate, especially when she’s kicking my butt in Your Shape Featuring Jenny McCarthy on Wii! Sure, maybe the only time you’ve seen this game is when your girlfriend works out, but did you know that she also played the role of Special Agent Tanya in EA’s Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3? The real-time strategy game was released in 2008 and featured live-action vignettes between the strategy missions. Jenny loved playing the role of Tanya because she felt as if it was the first time she was able to show off her badass side. KIM KARDASHIAN

There was a lot of publicity to hype up the FaceBreaker boxing game back in 2008, but in the end it came out to flat-to-mixed reviews, leaving the game’s legacy on the ropes. But there was one good takeaway from the game: our very own Kim Kardashian, who posed for us back in 2007, appeared in the arcade boxing game as herself, proving that no matter how famous you are, you can always be a good sport. We don’t think she’s used her boxing techniques after this game, but she will always be our undisputed champion of the ring!JENNA JAMESON

You probably know her from places beyond the pages of Playboy, but the Queen of Porn Jenna Jameson once posed for us, proving that her iconic look knows no bounds. Unlike the other girls on our list, Jenna has lent her voice and look to not one but two very famous gaming franchises over the years. In GTA: Vice City, Jenna played the role of Candy Suxxx, who appeared in many porn films in the game. Candy also showed up briefly in GTA: Vice City Stories. The other game Jenna appeared in was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. Don’t remember her? That’s probably because you never unlocked Daisy, the secret character. You had to complete 100 percent of the game and have earned 100,000 bucks to unlock her. Or, if you’re about the cheats, you could’ve entered “(o)(o)” these boobs to be able to play Daisy. SASHA GREY

Everyone was excited when Sasha Grey was named the voice of Viola DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third, especially those who knew her from our magazine and her work beyond her pictorial. In the game, Viola DeWynter, a lieutenant of the Morningstar Gang, kicks ass in a skintight black outfit that hugs her digital curves in all the right places. SHANNON TWEED

There’s no denying the larger-than-life status of our Playmate of the Year Shannon Tweed. Whether you’re a fan of her on Gene Simmons Family Jewels or of her incredibly sexy Miss November 1981 spread, you know this girl is fierce! Released for iOS in December 2012, Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies gave a lighthearted spin to the heroic struggles between diehard Kiss fans and paparazzi she faces almost daily. To quote Shannon, “The alternative is despair and then they win, which is unacceptable!” HUGH HEFNER & CARMEN ELECTRA

Did you know that Playboy released its own video game in 2005? Playboy: The Mansion puts you in Hef’s slippers and smoking jacket, giving you the task of building the iconic brand from scratch, just like he did! Hugh Hefner and Carmen Electra both lent their likenesses to the game, which lets gamers throw those lavish parties you always hear about, engage in all of the sex you want and schmooze with your friends at the Mansion. Just remember, you have to juggle success with your Playboy lifestyle!