While Ariana Grande was busy slobbering on donuts, the music industry unleashed some damn fine tunes on the world this week. From artist evolutions to legends covering legends, here are the five best tunes you won’t want to live without…


Back in 2011, the world was introduced to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr, the saccharine party pop created by two Detroit dudes in kaleidoscopic coats. Earlier this week, the same duo unloaded their latest track, but not before announcing to the world, and a disappointed Dale Earnhardt Jr., that they had changed their name to JR JR. Upon listening to their latest effervescent single, however, the thought of the band’s rebranding will instantly fall to the wayside. Their title may have changed, but their identity has only gotten stronger. “Gone” brings Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott a few steps closer to producing the perfect pop song.

The duo’s third full-length, JR JR, is due out September 25th.


Mac DeMarco is one of the rare few whose name breaks genre boundaries, as every trendy music blog covers each rhythmic move he makes. Maybe that’s because he’s created his own genre: Jizz Jazz. This week DeMarco shared a second track off his upcoming mini album, Another One, entitled “I’ve Been Waiting For Her.” It’s a cool, smooth jam with an infectious chorus.

Another One hits shelves August 7th via Captured Tracks.


On August 28th Yo La Tengo will release a cover-filled LP entitled Stuff Like That There via Matador Records. It will be the conceptual follow-up to their 1990 album Fakebook, which contained 16 indie homages, most notably their jangly Western riff on Cat Stevens’ “Here Comes My Baby”. This week, the Jersey-based indie/alt legends released a video for honeyed acoustic cover of the Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”, which features singer/drummer Georgia Hubley strolling through their home city of Hoboken.


Eccentric dream-pop’s one-man wonder Trevor Powers announced the follow-up to his mind-bending 2011 LP Wondrous Bughouse, which will be titled Savage Hills Ballroom. The album’s premiere single “The Knower” was first given out exclusively to the few fans who solved his scavenger hunt at select record stores last weekend. Later in the week, Powers released the slow-burning single to the rest of the world.

The 10-track Savage Hills Ballroom is due out September 25th via Fat Possum Records.


Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming may be holding onto one of the year’s best albums through his side project Diane Coffee’s Everybody’s A Good Dog. His latest single “Mayflower”, released this week, scorches beyond Foxygen-level nostalgia with Station To Station echoed funk and power.

Everybody’s A Good Dog is out September 4th via Western Vinyl.