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Playboy Sessions: JellyRoll Performs at the Playboy Bar

Playboy Sessions: JellyRoll Performs at the Playboy Bar:

In the tradition of the classic, “Playboy After Dark,” we are proud to bring the music back for the ongoing “Playboy Sessions.” More than just musicians doing their thing, its a party on your screen where everybody is invited into the inner sanctum of our very own Playboy Bar. So grab a drink, sit back and get ready for some tasty licks as the Playboy Sessions will be invading your computer now and forever.

In our first episode of the Playboy Sessions, American rapper JellyRoll performed at the Playboy Bar in Beverly Hills. From the mean streets of Antioch, TN, JellyRoll has been in the hip-hop game and is considered a legend at the top of his game in that world. His transition into rock and roll has caught his fans by surprise and earned him some new ones. He’s recently partnered with Jingle Jared, whose work includes writing and producing everyone from Nas to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Dierks Bentley and most recently, Kris Kristofferson. This is your chance to say you knew him when. Next up is a national tour and his major label debut coming this summer.

Today, he is a reformed man, an underdog, a dedicated father to a little girl, an inspiration to those who grew up hustling like him and, most of all, a groundbreaking artist. Feast your ears on his hit songs “Sunday Morning” and “Somethin’ About That Woman”.

Jelly Roll performing “Sunday Morning”

Playmates, employees and guests enjoying themselves during Jelly Roll’s performance.

Photos courtesy of Jingle Punks

Photos courtesy of Jingle Punks

Photos courtesy of Jingle Punks

Photos courtesy of Jingle Punks

Jelly Roll getting the crowd going to “Somethin’ About that Woman”

For more music from Jelly Roll, check out his Facebook and the iTunes store.

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