For basically forever it seems like, players of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V have been plumbing the massive title for secrets. A while back, they discovered you could turn into Bigfoot, which kicked off what seemed like a longer, deeper, more mysterious trail. Now, months later, they’ve finally reached its end.

Kotaku has a giant explanation of the Great Bigfoot Conundrum of Grand Theft Auto V, which started out with players actually checking through the code of GTA V and discovering a weird clue. When code-checking sleuths went checking for the locations of all GTA V’s in-game peyote plants, they discovered seven sets of coordinates that pointed to plants that didn’t seem to exist. A note in the code mentioned “Tuesday,” as in the day of the week. Eventually, players realized they had to seek out one of the plants on a Tuesday when the in-game weather was either snowy or foggy. The plant appeared, and it turned players into Bigfoot.

That was the very beginning of a pretty big mystery. And it turns out the thing GTA V was hiding was not Bigfoot, but Teen Wolf.

As in Michael J. Fox plays basketball in a werewolf costume.

So it turns out that once you transform into sasquatch, you get more clues as to where the other peyote plants are and in what order you have to get them, which basically requires you to mess with GTA V’s code to line up the weather with the right day of the week and time of day. Once you get all the plants, it turns into a hunt for “a beast.” If you hit a button while Sasquatch, you can make him roar, which makes the beast roar in kind—and then you have to use the sound to track him down.

Once you finally do all that, you unlock the “not Teen Wolf but inspired by Teen Wolf to avoid legal troubles” character in GTA V’s Director Mode, which is used for making and recording in-game films.

As Kotaku notes, it took about 30 people to bring the Mystery of GTA V’s Sasquatch to a close. Pretty impressive, although one wonders if this means Rockstar intends to patch in a basketball mini-game so that players can do some sick wolf dunks.