Ubisoft’s new online multiplayer shooter The Division is just hours old, but already, some players have found ways to ruin it for others—by blocking key doorways so no one can walk through them.

The Division is a game set in a New York City that has been ravaged by a viral outbreak to the point that all government systems have shut down. You—an agent in the titular government agency with no name—are a sleeper agent who has been activated to help keep the peace as the city has been basically overrun by scary bad guys with truckloads of automatic weapons (and sometimes flamethrowers). Sometimes you need to meet up with other Division agents, though, and that’s where things get hairy.

Early in the game, you visit a Division safehouse in order to receive some orders. It’s in an apartment building, and thus has apartment building-sized doorways. And if another player stands in one of those doorways and does, say, jumping jacks, you can’t get through to get your orders and advance the game. It’s all just so very hilarious, as demonstrated by this Reddit thread of irritated players annoyed they can’t advance in the game.

Apparently you can deal with the issue by just pushing your way through the door, although it might not be easy. Just keep moving forward and don’t back up. Hopefully you’ll be able to actually play The Division, provided Ubisoft’s servers are working, until a patch is released to finally fix this.

Via VG247