Playmate Pilar Lastra knows a thing or two about automobiles. She rebuilt a Ford Mustang in order to drive out from her home state of Texas to Los Angeles to become a Playmate. She tore up the blacktop in everything from a vintage Porsche to a $2 million Bugatti to a hydrogen-powered Ronn Scorpion as hostess of’s web series Hot Laps (watch an episode below).

She trained in race car driving with Mazda as part as the Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup series. She’s ridden along in armored SUVs in Mexico City, driven off-road buggies in Baja and raced a Ferrari on Germany’s famed Nürburgring.

Now Pilar has applied her automotive know-how to create a funny, insightful user’s manual to the fairer sex, Treat Me Like Your Car. This is no Men Are From Mars new age voodoo. In her book, Pilar gives practical dating advice in terms every guy with a set of wheels will easily understand, from how to avoid lemons to the amount of maintenance needed to keep things running smoothly. Pay heed to Pilar’s advice, and you just might get that Ferrari you’ve always wanted.

You can order Pilar’s book online at Barnes and Noble and be sure to hit LIKE on the page to send to your friends on Facebook. After all, every guy can use a little dating advice from a Playmate.