What are your most vivid moments of winning the Playmate of the Year honor?
There are so many! To start with, winning alone was so unbelievable! The car I got, the shoot set up, my PMOY Luncheon being so beautiful. Most importantly, Mr. Hefner was present and presented me with the title.

What is it like being a PMOY?
Nothing different than being a Playmate of the Month, you are still very close to all the sisters and work as hard, if anything probably, just the honor of the title does make you feel a bit special.


What advice do you have for young women chasing their dreams?
Be determined and kind, be strong and conscientious, and be focused and happy.

What dating advice do you have for men? Women?
As cliche as it sounds for both men and women, is to be their real selves! Seriously, no one wants fake! Also, be clean, well groomed and smell good.

Are you a morning or a night person? What is your morning routine.
I want to say I am both! I am definitely not an afternoon person, I kind of shut down between noon and 5:00 pm. Being in the entertainment industry is really hard to have a routine, period. I do try to always get my workout done in the morning so it’s out of the way and I can have a glass of wine or one beer with dinner and not worry about working out later :P

Having close ties to both the United States and Mexico, do you feel you identify with one heritage over the other?
Love this question! Probably because I am one of the few Mexican-Americans that can really say that is completely 50/50. I keep in touch with everyone back home almost every day and always try to keep up with current affairs in Mexico. As for here, well I am here! So, I want to say that I am completely balanced!

You’ve done a lot of work in both acting, modeling and are a classically trained ballerina? Do you have a favorite art form?
Once a dancer always a dancer! It is a passion and if I could do it for a living I wouldn’t mind! However, can’t deny the fact that anything artistic just excites my drive! So, as long as I can entertain, project, or inspire, I am complete!

What are three things you can’t live without and why?
Water, toothbrush and avocados! Water to always be hydrated, and looking young. Tooth brush, because oral hygiene is very important to me, and avocados because who can really live without them?

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have soooo many ahahahahaha …. Jensen Akles, Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr. and Joe Manganiello.

Do you prefer guys who are clean shaven, full beard or 5 o’clock shadow?
5 o'clock shadow all the way!