Back in the 1990s, there wasn’t much you could do with your video game consoles. You could play your games and…that’s about it. Today, you can do everything from watch movies, TV shows, browse the Internet and chat with all your friends all from your Playstation 4 or Xbox One. And obviously with all this new technology, there’s one other important thing people are using their consoles for: Browsing adult videos.

The adult video site YouPorn released a blog post detailing all the data they’ve learned about their users who access their content using video game consoles. This doesn’t do much to disprove the image of the average video gamer as a teenage boy who can’t get laid and it will surely ignite flame wars between Sony and Microsoft fanboys.

According to the data, about 51% of the traffic from video game consoles came from Playstations. Xbox users made up only 39% and the Wii came in at 10%. We’re sure Xbox players will be complete respectful about this information and not accuse Playstation fans of being 12% less likely to get laid or say something like, “It looks like they’re using more than one joystick to have fun!” Of course, Playstation owners will reply back that since they spent $100 less on their consoles, they’re spending less to jerk off and can view it in 1080p, while Xbox fans are stuck watching boobs in the far inferior 720p.

It turns out that console preference isn’t the only thing separately Xbox and Playstation owners. According to the data, Playstation users seem to much more interested in maternal attention, as “Mom” and “MILF” were the two highest-searched words, and “step mom” came in ninth. Xbox fans were much more interested in lesbian and teen content for their “viewing pleasure,” and also seemed to enjoy a good gloryhole video now and then.

It should be noted that “Hentai,” a subgenre of adult film that imitates anime and manga cartoons, was pretty high across all platforms. And with the video game industry being accused of being predominantly white, the adult viewing habits seem to reflect that lack of diversity, with “Ebony” making it to number 10 on the Playstation search terms and no races making the top 10 for Xbox. Wii users were much more open to diversity, with “Japanese” coming in at number 3.

Although the adult site’s actual audience is 26 percent female, about 92 percent of its audience on video game consoles is male with the highest female rate being 11 percent on the Wii.

Around the world, most of the traffic comes from Playstation users. But in America, the Xbox seems to be the preferred method of accessing illicit content. And the Wii is most popular in a handful of Asian countries.

Here’s a collection of other interesting graphs from the blog post:

It used to be the closest to nudity you could get in video games were highly pixelated images of Lara Croft’s cleavage. Now you can turn on your console, put on your bluetooth headphones and enjoy the nastiest sex the internet has to offer. And soon virtual reality headsets will become a widespread and accessible technology in every household, which means we’ll soon lose the distinction between fake sex and real sex.

We’re truly living in the future.

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Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He owns a Playstation 4 and has no plans to buy an Xbox One. You can bash his video game console preference on Twitter at @jmisulonas.