Maybe you gave Google Glass a try and hated it like the rest of us. Maybe you’re waiting for Snapchat Spectacles, but the look of them just doesn’t suit you. Maybe you’re an Instagram addict and you want to capture your entire life to live off of the nugs of validation that are likes and retweets because your father never took you to baseball games. Maybe we need a weekend.

Whatever your social media needs are, the PogoCam is a tiny, 6-gram camera that attaches to sunglasses by way of magnets. It can shoot up to 2 minute of 720P video or store 100 photos. In short, it’s a life-capture device much like the Snapchat Spectacles that are slowly selling for $129. Don’t expect amazing quality, though.

Also, don’t expect to just attach this to the sunglasses you already have. Instead, the PogoCam is designed to work with particular sunglasses that it will come with for around $150 this summer. Such brands include, at least as of today, Argus and Foster Grant. While that’s certainly limiting, it’s also a lot more interesting that being stuck with the design that other camera glasses (like the aforementioned Spectacles) give you.

Operation appears pretty simple: slide it forward to turn it on, click once for photos and twice for video. Because the tiny unit doesn’t have any wireless functionality, you’ll need to detach it and transfer directly to a computer, which is a huge downgrade from the way Spectacles use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer over your videos.

This also means that the PogoCam won’t be doing live streaming, which is a pretty big omission given the surging popularity of Facebook Live, Instagram streaming, and Snapchat streaming.