It’s only been a few months since every single person on the face of the earth was outside, roaming the streets in search of Pokémon. The success of Pokémon Go, released last summer, was like nothing we’d ever seen before; it had crowds of people walking around suburban and city streets like zombies, staring at their phones for a chance to catch a fictional monster (although a cute monster), and it broke all sorts of app download records.

Like most trends, the game has seen a steady decrease in popularity since bursting onto the scene. People’s attention spans aren’t what they used to be, and the game has all but fallen out of favor.

That must be why the Pokemon Company released a brand new game on Tuesday. It’s called Pokémon Duel, and it’s a “freemium” strategy game that involves selecting a team of six Pokémon to battle players from around the world. It’s unlikely this game will have the same cultural effect as Pokémon Go, but these things are hard to predict—especially when the word “Pokémon” is involved.