Years from now, historians may well look back at this moment and wonder how it came to pass—but who knows what sparks inspiration, and who can say what elements help to gestate genius?

We’re talking, of course, about the watershed idea put forth by a Pokemon fan, asking that actor Danny DeVito provide the voice for Pikachu in the recently announced *Famous Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Partnership.* There’s currently a petition on (where all petitions for voice cast decisions go when they don’t go directly to Obama) imploring publisher Nintendo to hire DeVito if and when Pikachu’s foray into crime-solving comes to the U.S.

It is, quite possibly, the greatest idea ever. As of this writing, the petition is just about 1,200 signatures shy of its goal of 25,000.

Normally, Pikachu has an impossibly cute voice and, like most Pokemon, his language consists of only saying his own name. But apparently in Famous Detective Pikachu, he has the voice of a regular adult human man. Why shouldn’t it be the best possible regular adult human man, Danny DeVito?

Why indeed, Nintendo? Why, indeed.

Via Destructoid.