Pokemon has the slightly unsettling quality of being about capturing unwitting animals and making them brawl for sport and fortune. Remake Pokemon in Grand Theft Auto, however, and it becomes a weird story of kidnapping people and maybe brainwashing them into wearing a lot of body paint.

YouTuber Merfish went ahead and did the latter, recreating the opening of the Pokemon anime cartoon from the ‘90s in Grand Theft Auto V. And it’s really weird. The Pokemon in Merfish’s version are all people dressed up and painted, and the whole thing takes on a strange cosplay-meets-cult vibe. But with people sometimes getting set on fire.

This isn’t Merfish’s first foray into recreating TV in GTA, though. You definitely don’t to miss the recreation of the Full House credits in GTA V from a while back, because the story of a San Francisco single-parent family living with a couple goofballs gets a lot more, uh, murdery.