Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International recently re-released the original Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow as $10 downloads on the handheld 3DS game system. If you’re an adult reading this now because you played the games as a kid and want to revisit them, you’ll probably be interested in catching a Mew, which is what the video above is about.

In case you didn’t grow up playing Game Boy games in the ‘90s, here’s an explanation from a piece I wrote recently on No Man’s Sky:

When I was a kid there was a year or two when basically the only thing I cared about in the entire world was getting a Mew in Pokémon Red. Nowadays there are countless ways to do so, but back then the existence of the special Pokémon was only a rumor, the kind of urban myth that kept kids up at night. We gathered at recess and passed notes in class with theories about beating the Elite 4 999 times with all level 100 Pokémon, or returning to a dock to find Mew under a truck.

As a kid we all thought the only ways to get a Mew were to hack one in using specialty devices like the “Gameshark” or “Action Replay,” or to win a contest or stand in line for hours at a local mall when Pokémon went on tour. Turns out there was another way all along; it just took a really long time for anyone to figure it out.

This is still not an “official” way to get a Mew, but it is a method for getting the elusive little critter to appear in the actual game, without any cheating or hacking, and it works perfectly in the new digital versions Nintendo just released on 3DS. So you can finally catch a Mew and raise it as your own—or use it as an HM slave. Your call.

Mike Rougeau is’s Gaming Editor, in charge of all things video games. He never really grew up at all. Follow him on Twitter @RogueCheddar.

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