There are new versions of Pokémon coming this year, and that brings up a conversation that has dominated playgrounds and board rooms alike for decades: which of the three Pokémon available to players at the start of the game is truly the best one?

Endlessly warring Poké-factions will undoubtedly draw new battle lines for Pokémon Sun and Moon, to which Nintendo is adding three all new choices for starters. As seen in the trailer above, they’re an owl rejected from Harry Potter, a cat that breathes fire, and a dog that is also a seal.

Like most of the Pokémon games of the past, you can only choose one of these guys, although there are avenues to get hold of the other ones since the whole point of Pokémon is to catch ’em all. Although, if the only way to get hold of the starters is by trading with other players, Nintendo might have a problem, since obviously everyone is going to pick that fire kitten.

Meanwhile, some hero created this almost immediately after the announcement.

You’ll be able to capture the new Pokémon games this November.