On the whole, politicians are scumbags. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows it. After all, year after year, we put them in office.

But it still takes a special breed of bastard to pay people to cheer at a campaign rally. Unfortunately, that special breed exists. And if Adam Swart of the Crowds on Demand publicity firm is to be believed, the practice of using phony supporters is probably more common than we’d like to think.

Ian Cioffi of LibertyChat.com spoke with Swart, but pretended to be a staffer on a Republican political campaign. The information he gleaned was disheartening.

We have worked with dozens of candidates in the US primarily but not exclusively Republican. Mostly they are candidates who suffer from lack of enthusiasm/turnout at rallies and in need of a ‘game change’ (sorry, that’s a loaded term now!). The candidates have been primarily congressional/senate candidates. We’ve only worked with one (serious) presidential candidate thus far.

Donald Trump was recently accused of paying actors to attend the rally announcing his presidential bid, an accusation Trump’s campaign denies. But considering Trump is most likely using the election as a publicity stunt (and the article ran the same day as Trump’s announcement), I assume he isn’t the “serious” candidate in question, which is sad. If Trump was the only one pulling this, I’d feel better.

And figuring out which campaign is paying for supporters will prove difficult, since those involved are forced to sign binding non-disclosure agreements.

“The ‘leak’ issue has only happened on one occasion over the past three years,” Swart said.

Swart went on to explain that campaigns have a variety of reasons for renting a crowd, including the need to have a “diverse group of people (race/gender/age)” around a candidate. In some instances, it’s also used as a self-confidence booster for a candidate who is unaware his supporters are being paid.

If a candidate is unaware that his campaign is hiring fake supporters, I guess it explains why his campaign needs to hire fake supporters.

At any rate, weep for America.

(Source: Liberty Chat)