Ten years ago today, Pornhub, the premier online destination for adult content, stole our hearts and hours of precious time that could have been spent doing something far more productive.

Since its humble launch in 2007, the streaming juggernaut has experienced a steady ascent in traffic. In November of its inaugural year, Pornhub accrued five million daily visits. By April 2009, that figure rose to 10 million. In February 2015, these numbers grew to 50 million. Today, the site has reached its highest numbers, with 75 million visits every single day.

Their charitable contributions are worth noting. In 2014, Pornhub planted 15,473 trees for Arbor Day. The figure was determined by the number of “Big Dick” videos—get it, wood?—that were watched on the site; one tree was planted for every 100 videos viewed. They’ve also offered Pornhub Cares Scholarships of $25,000 to students who best articulated how they’ve “made others happy” in a 1,500-word essay. What’s more, Pornhub donated $28,825 (one cent for every 2,000 videos viewed) in an effort to save the whales on World Whale Day. And let’s not overlook that they’re teaching better sex education than our schools via their Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

Because Pornhub has become a cultural institution across the globe, it feels right to summarize all of the data they’ve collected over their first decade in business to reveal just how much of a titan this once tiny, padawan of a porn website has become.

Since its inception in 2007, 173 years–years!–worth of video content have been uploaded to the site. For context: the first telegraph message was sent on May 24, 1844. That means if you started watching Pornhub back then, you’d still be watching new videos today. In 2016 alone, 476,291 hours of video content has been uploaded compared to its 134 hours in 2007. That’s a whole lot of intercourse.

In total, Pornhub boasts 22,424,138 registered users (just imagine how many more are unregisterd). According to its data, these users have left 6,895,045 comments and have rated videos 488,601,369 times. On average, Pornhub’s data says viewers spend nine minutes and 46 seconds on the site, compared to 14 minutes spent back in 2007. The average “desireable” lay lasts seven minutes and 13 seconds, meaning how long it takes for us to get off whhile watching porn isn’t too far off from real sex.

Over 10 years, Lesbian has reamined the site’s most popular category, followed by Milfs (perfect for the recently articulated “misophile”), Amateur, Teen (18+), Mature, Ebony, Anal, Big Tits, Big Dick and Hentai. The most popular category this year? Lesbian, again (feigns surprise).

Because porn stars don’t make money off of sites like Pornhub directly, many harbor resentment. Conversely, the platform has also managed to launch a number of adult actor’s careers by introducing them to mainstream audiences. In the last decade, these 10 actresses entertained us the most: 1. Lisa Ann (1,014,118,546 views) 2. Riley Reid (771,560,482) 3. Madison Ivy (651,207,323) 4. Asa Akira (636,450,224) 5. Alexis Texas (585,739,586) 6. Rachel Starr (542,170,599) 7. Brandi Love (530,711,127) 8. Mia Khalifa (530,524,457) 9. Dillion Harper (496,231,350) 10. Mia Malkova (486,119,965)

To celebrate their 10-year milestone, Pornhub is giving away 100 Pornhub Premium memberships, which gives users access to full video, high-definition content and more good stuff. To enter, post a picture or video with the hashtag #PHtaughtme on Instagram or Twitter and reveal what Pornhub has either taught you or helped you with over the last 10 years. Pornhub also launched a video to commemorate their burgeoning amateur community. See below.