Pornhub has launched a brand spankin’ new “interactive” category (found alphabetically between “Indian” and “Interracial”) so that porn aficionados can completely ignore their spouses and have sex with video content instead. Well, perhaps we should explain further first.

The category boasts a veritable library packed with hundreds of videos that have been specially synced to work with wireless, interactive sex toys like the Kiiroo Onyx and Fleshlight Launch. So far, videos include such high-brow fare as “Abby Cross Angry F—ks her Boyfriend,” “Secretary Dillion Harper Gets Plowed by Co-Worker” and “Stuffing the Hot Maid.“

Each video in the category is overlaid with synchronized pulses. All you have to do is download the Free Connect app, sync one of the two aforementioned sex toys within the app and, when you’ve found a video you like, click the bright orange button that reads “sync interactive toy to video.” It’s that easy.

The devices’ built-in sensations matches the on-screen action: theoretically, when a woman bobs her head up and down, or the actor who’s supposed to be you (but has abs and a penis size three times the national average) thrusts into his co-star, you’ll feel what he feels.

Pornhub believes "teledildonics,” or technology created for remote sex wherein sensations are communicated via devices, is the next big thing in adult entertainment. A survey from sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo reveals there is merit to the distinction, as 33 percent of long-distance couples believe that “innovative sex devices” could be a solution for maintaining intimacy and, provided somebody’s purchased these expensive devices (the Onyx retails for $250), you bet your ass somebody’s going to use the thing to masturbate. Not to mention, as a sex writer, I’ve been privy to conversations and sales figures that support the prediction.

“Immersive technology is the next frontier in the adult entertainment industry. Over the course of the past year alone, immersive technologies, particularly teledildonics, have quickly taken the industry by storm and garnered critical acclaim for their ability to provide users with something that teeters on reality,” a Pornhub spokesman explained. “An interactive category that seamlessly integrates with wireless interactive sex toys will prove to be a major boon to the industry.”

As it stands, the category only caters to male viewers, but the site says it will add content and support for female wireless interactive sex toys—including OhMiBod, We-Vibe, Lovesense Lush and Kiiroo Pearl—in the near future. In addition, Pornhub plans to incorporate virtual reality (VR) videos in the new interactive category as well. Considering the website’s Insights branch recently reported that VR porn is now watched 500,000 times a day, there is little doubt Pornhub’s latest venture will be remarkably popular. Hopefully, it won’t evolve to become preferred over actual sex, because that would be a pretty big problem.