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University Bans Intramural Team From Using Pornhub Jerseys

University Bans Intramural Team From Using Pornhub Jerseys: Gawker


English soccer teams have a number of great sponsors, but none was better than the Rutherford Raiders. What company got the honor of having their name on their jerseys? Pornhub.

Originally the Raiders, an intramural soccer team at the University of Kent, made the uniforms as a joke after failing to secure a season sponsor. I can only assume they then went on the Internet to take out their frustrations, which led to the idea of a Pornhub sponsor.

After posting the pictures online, Pornhub actually offered to sponsor the team. However university officials blocked the deal. In their statement, they said, “The University of Kent sports department would never sanction sponsorship of this type – it is totally inappropriate.”

Considering the porn industry’s worth more than $14 billion, it looks like the university is willing to sacrifice some major bucks to uphold the morality of the university. It’s too bad, because the jerseys actually look pretty slick.

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