Last year twerking was the hottest Internet trend since whatever came before twerking. And while we’ve all enjoyed this booty-shaking epidemic, we’ve only been able to do so in the virtual world. Well, that is no longer the case.

Pornhub, a website that you most likely frequently delete from your browsing history, is releasing a new product called “TwerkingButt.” It’s pretty self-explanatory: it’s a butt that twerks. The adult website’s teamed up with Topco Sales, a leading sex toy manufacturer, to design this ingenious product that users can use for all their personal twerking needs. So if you’ve ever wished you could have access to the bottom half of a rubber woman whenever you want, your dream can soon be a reality.

According to their press release, the TwerkingButt will feature “multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibrations and simulated body heat.” Users will be able to control all the action via a remote or on their smartphone or tablet using the TwerkingButt app. So instead of sending random dick pics to every girl in your contacts, you can use that phone for a better type of sexual gratification.

To answer your question: Yes, you can have sex with it. The butt is covered in a special “cyberskin” and the material is supposed to stimulate the “friction, elasticity and softness that’s as near to the human sexual experience as possible.” And you don’t even have to deal with another human being, which for some guys is definitely a plus.

The product also comes with virtual reality goggles to truly enhance the experience. So instead of just looking around your boring old bedroom while you hump a fake rump, you can pretend you’re somewhere else getting your own private twerk show.

The TwerkingButt will come with two different versions. The Classic will cost $699 while the Deluxe will be $999 and comes with more advanced twerking abilities that “allows you to experience the ultimate in cyber passion with motion and movement so real, you’ll never see it coming.” We assume that pun is intentional.

Head over to the TwerkingButt website for more information about the future.


Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He often is asked to write about strange things like this, so he’s pretty used to it by now. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.