Courtesy of PornHub.

Courtesy of PornHub.

When announced its first ever Pornhub Cares scholarship, most people were a bit surprised. However, the winner of this year’s $25,000 award is even more surprising.

Out of more than 1,000 applicants, MaryAnn Uribe, a 48-year-old mother from Texas, was chosen as the most deserving. And as the following video demonstrates, no one was more surprised than Uribe herself:

“MaryAnn epitomizes the drive for determination and success; from her indelible personality, to the resiliency she’s shown to achieve her goals,” Pornhub said in a statement on their website. “She has provided for others throughout her life, even in light of immense adversity and we’re all so proud to be naming her as the scholarship recipient.”

Uribe, a high school drop out, plans to use the money to study political science at Troy University.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Uribe has made headlines. According to, she previously worked at a San Antonio law firm and was allegedly targeted for assassination by one of her bosses after reporting him to authorities for “felony barratry.” But before carrying out the attack, the hitman had a change of heart, and went to police with the plot. The boss in question is scheduled to begin his trial for “solicitation of capital murder” in the Spring of 2016.