On St. Patrick’s Day, people like to do many things. They put on green clothes, they drink a lot of beer, they eat potatoes and many other normal Irish things. And, if Pornhub’s correct, they’re also watching leprechaun’s “bumping uglies” with women.

The popular adult site released statistics on search terms on St. Patrick’s Day. Unsurprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day had a 6000 percent increase, as did Irish. Also a lot of people just put “Irish” in front of a bunch of popular search terms such as “milf” or “lesbian.” But also some weird things such as “clover” got an increase as well. Here’s the full search:

8000 percent increase on “Leprechaun” seems…low. Like how many people are searching that on a normal day? It can’t be more than three.

Also, “Irish Creampie” sounds like a drink you’d order at a fancy cocktail bar. We’re pretty sure that’s not what it is though.

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